The PVCS curriculum is designed to build academic skills in such a way that the process enhances personal growth and development.  The curriculum is personalized.  It evolves from the interests, needs and maturity of individual children.



  Using the Creative Curriculum as our guide:


  • We create a safe, interesting and enriching learning environment.


  • We provide a variety of open-ended activities and experiences in all developmental areas (social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive) to encourage creativity and problem solving.


  • We create a routine that includes child-led activities (center time), as well as periods of teacher-directed activities (story time, music and movement, and group games).


  • We celebrate the process of learning and problem solving; encouraging students to be curious and independent learners.


  • We understand that mistakes are a normal part of learning and therefore do not punish children. Instead, we follow a six-step conflict resolution process that teaches children how to resolve conflict and solve problems independently. Students are encouraged to “use their words” to solve conflict and get their needs met.