"As an author and lecturer on the topic of the science of early brain development and learning, I recently had the opportunity to spend time at the Paradise Valley Cooperative several staff development trainings for the teachers and administration. What a pleasure! What I found while working with the staff is a passion for young children and an understanding of how infants, toddlers and preschooler actually learn. The teachers have a solid knowledge base about child development and are aware of the supreme importance of developing a secure, loving relationship with each child.

Terry Croy and her excellent staff can be proud of the learning environments they have created."

-Jill Stamm, Ph.D.
Author of Building Brain Power: 52 Ways to Use What Science Tells Us and Bright From the Start: The Simple, Science-Backed Way to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind from Birth to Age 3




I dont even know how to begin thanking you! You have been such an important part of our lives over the past two and a half years. So first I will thank you as a parent of children who have attended your school. I'm not sure if you realize it or not, but you are an incredibly special person... you have provided such an extraordinary place for children in our community. You and the teachers throughout the school know exactly what the children need at this stage in their lives. I always tell people that PVCS is a perfect little gem- full of educated and caring teachers who embrace each child for who they are, and you provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment which you help them learn and grow. 

Despite the pressures of education these days, your philosophy holds true to what is developmentally appropriate for the little people in our lives! I feel so grateful to have had both my boys learn and grow both socially and academically at your school. PVCS has successfully prepared both of my children to enter into the next stage of their lives. Your school is full of love and support- it's more than a school, it's a family- and we are lucky to be a part of it!

I'd also like to thank you for your friendship and support! Even though you were technically my boss, I thought of you more as a friend. You have always been so positive, supportive, encouraging and caring. I am lucky to have you in my circle of friends. I am so sad that we wont be seeing you every day. We will truly miss you and the amazing teachers at PVCS! Thank you for everything you have done for our family, and thank you for being so rocking awesome!

We love you teacher Terry!


Love, The Marquardt Family